My Favourite MAC and Real Techniques Buys!

Hi everyone! I'm excited to share my first makeup post with you all. I have heard so many great things about M.A.C foundations so just before Christmas I thought I'd bite the bullet and try the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. I chose this one as I like a full flawless coverage and a perfectly matte finish. A friend and I arrived at our local Mac counter and to no surprise it was absolutely packed out. We decided to stay and get matched up as there are so many different foundations, all with different names, levels of coverage and colours - I wouldn't know where to start! I purchased NW20 as I have a reddish complexion and the girl at the counter said that the yellow tinge from this shade will counteract and disguise the redness perfectly.

To cut a long story short my friend didn't buy anything but I ended up buying a bottle of foundation AND the 187 Duo Fibre Stippling Brush. I can get roped into buying absolutely anything if you sell it right, you can tell me this foundation can give you superpowers and i'd believe you! However, I can say that Mac didn't disappoint with the foundation or the brush..

To start with, the texture of the Studio Fix Fluid is quite thick, a lot thicker than any other foundations that I have tried and I have tried A LOT of liquid foundations. Unfortunately the thickness of the product makes it extremely difficult to get it out of the bottle, I have to shake it upside down and blot the top of the bottle on my hand for ages for a small bit of product to come out. I was offered a pump to put on the bottle which was an extra £4 but at the time I didn't think that I would need it. To be honest I don't think that M.A.C should sell these separately as they know that we need the pump  avoid getting mega frustrated with the bottle. I wasn't impressed about this. (sad face) 
However, once I was able to get the foundation out of the bottle and apply it I was very happy with the results. I have an oily t-zone so its difficult to find a liquid foundation that is just right and isn't too drying or too greasy. My makeup stays put all day but of course this depends on what I am doing and the weather. It isn't warm or humid where I live so I'd say this plays a big part! Also, I can see this bottle lasting a long time as a little bit of product goes a long way, a drop about the size of a 1p coin is more than enough for my whole face and neck. You can also build up the foundation if you prefer, even when I do add more layers my makeup doesn't feel heavy. 

I would suffer from blemishes and problem skin from time to time so I carried out a bit of research online to see what other people's experiences were with this foundation and to see if it caused any skin problems with prolonged use. A good few users that suffer from acne said that the problem actually became worse after using this foundation. Personally I haven't had any problems with breakouts because of the foundation (yet) but everyone is different and what works well for one person may not work well for another. When it comes to makeup it is trial and error to find your best match and not only that, a formula that totally agrees with your skin. I actually read somewhere that a woman tries 7 different foundations before finding their favourite! I can well believe that as I have many half used bottles that I haven't looked at for months and probably won't ever try again!

It is great finding a foundation that you love but there is no point in applying it with the wrong or a low quality brush as you won't get the results you want. The brush that I use to blend my foundation is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It has a firm and rounded head so I buff the foundation on in a circular motion and the results are fantastic - it is one of the best brushes in my collection. I highly recommend it, check out the internet for RT brush reviews, I don't think anyone has anything bad to say about them! Great value and high quality. I also use the M.A.C 187 Duo Fibre brush (the impulse buy) to blend around my eyes and nose to buff away fine lines. I love these two brushes and they give great results when used together but they are equally as good on their own merit. The only problem is I feel as if the M.A.C brush was a bit expensive, if I can remember right I paid £33.50 for this, I must be mad! I haven't looked but there are bound to be similar brushes on the market that would give the same results for a lot less. If you know of any please let me know.

  • Flawless finish
  • Great colour range to suit all/most skin types
  • Long lasting finish
  • Have to buy the pump separately!
  • Strong smell, but it isn't unpleasant

  • Soft bristles so it doesn't leave brush strokes on the skin
  • great for blending around the eyes and nose
  • Great flawless results

  • Great shape and size
  • Takes less time to apply my foundation (compared to using a sponge)
  • Gives flawless results
  • Value for money
  • None!

Much love,
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