Relaxing Pamper Night with Radox, Johnson's & Montagne Jeunesse

Pamper nights to relax & ease the day's stresses!

Relaxing Pamper Night Radox, Johnson's & Montagne Jeunesse
We all need to take time to relax and treat ourselves every now and again. I like to take a night just when I can to simply chill out and de-stress. On these nights I would usually run a bath and use a bath bomb or bath soak, get a face mask, buy my favourite magazine  and make myself a cuppa. I do like my tea, I'm a bit of a granny like that! Everyone likes different things but I'm just going to do a run-through of my favourite products at the moment for a super pamper night. The best part is, they aren't expensive at all!

Relaxing Pamper Night Radox, Johnson's & Montagne Jeunesse

1. Johnson's Baby Bedtime Cream - I must confess, I love Johnson's baby products! Is that weird? I love the baby shampoo as it leaves my hair super soft and it just smells amazing. This bedtime cream also smells amazing and it rubs in really well so you can pull your pj's on straight away after applying it.It makes your skin super soft after a bath pr shower. I concentrate on my elbows, knees and wrists to avoid dry skin. This can be bought pretty much anywhere, I got mine in Boots for £2.25.

2. Aussie MEGA Shampoo - I'm a big fan of Aussie products, unfortunately I don't have Kim Kardashian hair and at times it can be quite limp! This MEGA shampoo along with their Aussome Volume shampoo are great for giving my hair a bit of body and bounce. I tend to buy Aussie when it's on offer in Boots or Superdrug and usually they would do 3 for £10 which is very reasonable. I buy 2 shampoos and a conditioner and it does me a good few months so I can't complain.

3. Once a week I do a deep conditioning treatment for my hair. The conditioner I use for my deep conditioning treatment is this little white tube from L'Oreal! My mum dyes her hair with L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss and she doesn't use the conditioner that comes with it so she gives it to me! This stuff is AMAZING, I mean, if they sold this in a normal bottle in Boots I would definitely buy it. I put half the tube onto the ends of my hair for 2 minutes then I wash it out. I can't even explain how soft this makes my hair! It's a great conditioner that doesn't cost me a single penny.

4. If you don't have one already I highly recommend that you signup for a Boots advantage card! Every few months I get vouchers and money off coupons posted out to me and it means that you can stock up on their fab No7 range for next to nothing! This face wash is the No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser. It removes makeup and tightens your pores. it also foams up really well, I usually do two pumps per application which is more than enough. A big selling point for me is that it doesn't leave your skin feeling tight like a lot of facial cleaners do. Another face wash that I am a hugeeee fan of is the Neutrogena Visibily Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash. It smells good enough to eat!

5. All us bbloggers love a good Lush haul and I must say that their fresh face masks are by far my favourite. My nearest Lush store is 40 miles away so it isn't practical and I can't use their products all of the time. These little packets of face masks do the trick when I don't have any Lush ones left. I always buy this one, the Montage Jeunesse Blemish Mud face Mask. they have lots of different ones to choose from and I can get them in town for as little as 99p. No pamper night is complete without one of these! You'll usually find them in your local drugstores but I have also saw them in the larger supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsburys. 

6. I'm going to have a moment here. This Box of Radox Bath Salts Muscle Soak is amazing value. You get 400g of product for only £1 in Tesco! Do you remember the Matey bubble bath when you were a kid that turned the water blue or pink? This reminds me of that! It smells amazing and it doesn't leave a scummy mark around the bath afterwards (yay, no cleaning up!) I first purchased this last week as I had sore calfs after the gym and I was looking for something that would help the pain a bit. I poured some of this into a nice hot bath and after 10 minutes my muscles no longer ached. I wasn't expecting it to work but it did! I'll be heading back to Tesco to buy another box pronto.

7. Company magazine, I have really got into Company mag. I used to read Look but I think Company offers their readers something different. They talk about 'normal' people and things we can actually relate to. I'd support any magazine that features a 'non-celebrity' on the cover! Well done Company. 

Relaxing Pamper Night Radox, Johnson's & Montagne Jeunesse

What products do you use on your pamper night and which do you recommend?

Much Love,



  1. What a lovely pamper night! I love LUSH face masks too! So good, but these Montage Jeunesse ones are great too! Their hot chocolate orange one is really good! x

  2. love your blog!


  3. Patricia Batatas13 April 2014 at 12:15

    Ohh love this post! Can't wait to try some of these things - I'm in need of a good pamper sesh now that I'm home from uni for a bit (only have a shower at uni *sob*) X

  4. Yes, they are both great! The Montage Jeunesse ones are great if I can't get to my local Lush store!

  5. It is so good for the money!

  6. Awhh.. you deserve one then. That muscle soak is just brilliant and at only £1 you can't go too far wrong x

  7. Ahh pamper nights are just lovely! :) I haven't actually tried any of the LUSH fresh face masks but have heard such good things about them!! Tempted to get one - haven't had a face mask on in sooo long! Great post!

  8. :O Really? They are so good! I love the fact that you have to keep them in the fridge, means they are super cooling on your face!

  9. This looks perfect x

  10. AH sorry i've been quiet and not left some comment mclovin! haha Ive had such a stressfull week with work and property viewings and... *takes a breath* IM HERE NOW! haha.. I'm not going to lie.. The pictures alone made me relaxed haha. There is something very relaxing about the ambience of a nice bathroom, candles, a cuppa or glass of wine etc, a nice scented bath, having your hair scraped back up and every worry fading away the longer you leave your face mask on :)

    Lovely post! The radox muscle soak is the best <3

    Would love it if you could check out my latest post and leave me some love too! :)

    Lucie xx

  11. I know how you feel Lucie! I could do with another one of these pamper nights but I have no more Lush face masks and my nearest store is 40 miles away. Life is so difficult at times! haha


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