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I have read the 50 facts about me tag on so many blogs so I thought I'd do my own! This is a totally random list and most of it will just come off the top of my head! I hope you enjoy x

1. My full name is Emma Louise Rose

2. I am extremely shy when I'm around new people but when I get to know you I am the most talkative person in the world!

3. I did Irish Dancing when I was younger 

4. I'm not very good at following instructions, I'd much rather learn things through trail and error

5. I'm a Leo

6. My biggest critic is myself, my work needs to be perfect or it really bothers me

7. I prefer summer to winter but I don't tan (boo)

8. I have a Bichon Frise who is more like my sister rather than my dog

9. I believe in God

10. I worked in Whistles head office for a week for work experience while I was at school which I enjoyed very much

11. One of my favourite foods are yorkshire puddings, I could literally eat a whole packet of them in one sitting

12. I'm a very deep thinker, I over think the simplest of things

13. I study Business at university and I really enjoy it
13(b). (but) my heart will always lie in the fashion industry

14. I absolutely HATE the smell of lilies

15. My favourite place in the world is the south of France, a close second would be New York City

16. Astrology and the study of the planets fascinates me

17. I find it difficult to see things from another person's point of view

18. I love crafts and making things. I studied A-Level art in school and it was my favourite subject

19. I suffer from health related anxiety 

20. I have a bit of a geeky side - I love watching nature and war documentaries! 

21. Sometimes I find it really difficult to put a sentence together. I know what I want to say, I just can't put it into words!

22. I have seen Riverdance 3 times

23. My favourite colour in winter is deep purple and in the summer I like turquoise and coral

24. I am extremely competitive! 

25. I used to be allergic to pure orange juice

26. I am not musical in the slightest and I play no instruments!

27. I'm Anglo-Irish! My dad was English and my mum is Irish

28. I want to be my own boss

29. I don't like talking on the phone or texting! I'd much rather see a person and talk face to face

30. I love spontaneous road trips in the summer, I love having those memories

31. My favourite flower is a red rose

32. I would never have cosmetic surgery

33. Public speaking and giving presentations makes me super nervous. If I knew I had a presentation to do in a years time, I'd be worrying about it now

34. I like my eyes

35. I lost someone very near and dear to me in 2009 and I haven't been the same since

36. I get a headache if I haven't had my tea fix!

37. I love photography, I take all my photos with a nifty Canon 1100D

38. My favourite girls names are Chelsea, Courtney, Carmen and Ciara and I have no idea why they all begin with a 'C'

39. The Irish accent is my favourite accent

40. I am the worst mathematician in the UNIVERSE. I literally couldn't add 2+2 in my head.. the shame

41. Im easily influenced

42. Sometimes I actually get depressed after watching a film because then I realise it's not real! (I WANT TO GO TO HOGWARTS)

43. I have 2 tattoos, a rose on my wrist and script on my inner bicep

44. I am the worlds worst at following directions. I CAN'T TAKE MYSELF ANYWHERE!

45. My favourite high street store is River Island

46. My favourite luxury store is Louis Vuitton

47. I have never had a tooth pulled

48. I prefer savoury food to sweet 

49. My favourite kind of music is smooth house like Disclosure

50. The Fashion Six was started on 1/1/14 on Instagram and by the beginning of February I decided to make it into a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog!

And there you have it! 50 totally random facts about me.

Much Love,

The Fashion Six 
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  1. I can really relate to lots of these facts! I love astrology and truly think it is very accurate on what it says about my sign and personality! Also, I had a really similar thing happen to me (fact 35) and came out a different person after it!
    The Beauty Break //

    1. Yes Carla it's very interesting! I agree, your a different person after, it permanently changes you! - Lovely blog by the way

  2. I don't like the smell of lilies either! It's not pleasant x

  3. I'm with you on this point as well .."deep thinker and over think the simplest of things" where deep thinking is fine and over thinking may not be a better idea. What say ? :)

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    StylishWalks on Twitter

  4. I over think wayyyyy too much, it's not good!

  5. I do the same as well. Deep thoughts get to me.


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