Shopping Guide - How To Shop Wisely

Spend too much money? This is the ultimate shopping guide to follow!

Shopping Guide - How To Shop Wisely
Closet full of clothes and STILL have nothing to wear?

I think nearly every girl will agree with me when I say that a simple run to town for something can turn into a full blown shopping spree. Especially if it's around sale time and you see a few offers in shop windows! Your like a magnet and you just walk straight to that store. it just comes naturally, sigh. I'm a student too and therefore broke so these shopping 'highs' soon turn into lows when I total up my receipts.. *sadface*
To help tame my spending habits and to leave my pocket a little less empty I have devised a number of things that helps me to shop wisely and only buy what I need, when I need it!

Here we go... 6 points to remember the next time you hit the shops!

1. Having my credit card on me at all times is a big NO NO. When I have to pop into town for something I try to take only the right amount of cash. This avoids me straying into New Look and buying that top that I really didn't need!

2. Compare, compare, compare! One of the most annoying things is buying a mascara in Boots and then going into Superdrug to find it's on offer. This happens to the best of us ladies! The key is to check the cheapest places first. Think Semi-Chem, Gordons Chemist, Savers, Tescos before trying Boots! I purchase Simple wipes weekly and they are different prices everywhere. I usually try the supermarkets first, they have great offers on that kind of thing!

3. Now this is one that may just put you off shopping for life. Especially if you have an, ahem... AWFUL part time job. Everytime you see something you like, think to yourself 'how many hours work would it take to repay this?' The answer in my head usually amounts to a full days work and I swiftly return the product to where I found it! Are those skinny jeans really worth 8 hours work? If not, put them back. If you think they are and you need a new pair of skinnies then buy them!

4. Choose your shopping friends wisely, if you go shopping with a shopaholic you will also become a shopaholic and return home with about 436452 bags - enough to recreate your entire wardrobe. I must at this point apologise to my bestie, I am that shopaholic friend and she actually hates going up town with me when I'm 'in that mood' - sigh. If you have to pick up a few things from the shops for a holiday for example, go on your own. That way you aren't influenced in your shopping decisions AND you get the job done quicker. I love shopping with friends as it's like a sociable thing for me but when I just need to get a thing done I am just as happy going on my own!

5. Sale time is a MARE. I swear to goodness I come home from the River Island winter sale every year with about 10 new pairs of jeans and I have no idea why. the key to not falling into this trap is to think during non-sale time which products your heading for when they are marked as sale. only buy these products, nothing more! Also think to yourself 'would I still like this coat if it wasn't half price?' If it's not appealing at £60 then it's not appealing at £30!

6. Here's one to help you not give your mother a headache. If she sends you to the shop for milk and bread with a £20 note, only get her milk and bread. Not milk and bread with cheese, cookies, rice, pasta sauces, cookies, pasta shells and cookies. restrain yourself people!

Much Love,
The Fashion Six



  1. This is just perfect!! I totally do everything that you do!! I always buy things during the sale period, and hardly wear it because I only really got it because It was on sale!! Great tips though!!

    Little Beauty Blog

    Elizabeth x

  2. Haha this is such an amazing post! Such great tips, I'm taking them on board to help me with my serious shopping addiction! Leaving my credit card behind at all times! x

  3. I love this, what a fantastic post! I am a terrible shopper and forever buying things I don't need. The only way I can control it is just not to go shopping or if I'm buying online, I wait 24 hours after seeing the items before I buy them to make sure I definitely want to go ahead.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  4. Me too! I do it every Christmas, I never wear half the stuff I buy!

  5. I think that's a brill idea! haha

  6. That's a good tip, I should add it to the list! I find it so hard to tear myself away from something I really need (want) haha

  7. This is brilliant, I'm always adding up how many hours of work I would have to do to get something, however I am one for going into Boots way too quickly although I suppose you do get more points, I think I will try going to get things that I can from the supermarkets instead, hopefully save a bit of money as I am a fellow student myself!


  8. :)) Great post Emma! You're so right!

    :* :* Roxie T

  9. I love this and the first statement is totally true!! I mean it's totally impossible yet possible at the same time - how ironic?! *Sighs* That's girls for you! haha!

    I love the tips - they're super helpful!

    I love your blog and have followed (added to my reading list)!


  10. Haha this is such a cute post and I should definitely start taking your advice! Really pleased to have found your blog today :) Kate x (

  11. This is such a useful post! And especially considering I just had payday! ;) No. 2 is a great one - I often have a quick browse of the web if I am after something in particular so I can pick up a bargain! xx

  12. Ebay & Amazon are great! xo

  13. Thank you so much! I'll b sure to check out your lovely blog in return xx

  14. Try the supermarkets, Ebay or Amazon. It would surprise you what you can get on there!


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