Coral Heels from Ruby Shoo! - Review

Summer ready thanks to Ruby Shoo!

Coral Heels from Ruby Shoo Review

After many months of being unemployed I finally got a job! the only thing is I hope I don't end up even more broke than how I started. Yes ladies, I got a job in a shoe shop and all you fashionistas will appreciate that's like dangling a bone in front of a dog! I LOVED the shop before I worked in it and I love it even more now that I get employee's discount. Hang on 'til I shake the spider webs from my purse.. In my short employment ( 1 month) I have already added 3 more pairs of shoes to my ever expanding collection. Tommy Hilfiger wedges, white converse ( a necessity, right?) and now these BEAUTIES! This is not going to end well is it, wardrobe expansion please.

These absolutely gorgeous heels are by the brand 'Ruby Shoo' - you probably have never heard of them before, I hadn't until I got this job. I have basically been lusting over their whole collection for the past month! These are called the 'Miley' shoe and they are a bright fluorescent coral colour with navy piping around the edges. the photo doesn't do them justice, when I have them on it looks like my feet are glowing!

I've been blessed with the narrowest feet on this planet so trying to find a size 6 pair of heels that are about the width of a size 4 is downright impossible! I usually have to wear at LEAST one pair of insoles and a heel grip in high heels otherwise I just walk out of them. When I put these on they just fitted perfectly, no scrunched up toes or walking like a penguin trying to keep them on. Hurray! So I highly recommend them to you ladies who are like me, have narrower than narrow feet and are looking for a cute and unique pair of heels. I would also say that these are pretty much true to fit and the heel isn't overly high. I'm not the best at walking in sky high heels!

These are some other Ruby Shoos that are on my wishlist at the moment. How cute are the matching bags? Sigh, if only I had a wedding or 10 to go to! The majority of the shoes are only £45/£50. I maybe shouldn't have told you that, not that you need another excuse to buy yet another pair of shoes ;)

Much Love,
Emma xo

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  1. ooo love these shoes! Your feet look so damn cute Em! :D xx

  2. Hi Rachael! Thank you for your comment. I agree, the heel height is perfect as I'm not the best with heels either, I'm better with wedges!


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