Summer Tricks - Mosquitoes, Sunburn & Stings!

Mosquito repellant, Sunburn remedies & help heal nettle stings

Mosquito repellant, sunburn remedies & help heal nettle stings

It's that time of year again and we are all thinking about our summer holidays! I have been going to Nice, France for 4 years on the trot so I decided to try somewhere different this year. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut and go to the same place just because it feels 'safe' and 'comfortable'. In August I am going to Lake Garda in Italy! It cannot come quick enough and I have been going mad reading up online for things to do while I'm there. There was one thing that didn't cross my mind though, round the lake is supposed to be crawling with mosquitoes! I just took for granted that there wouldn't be any as I never one got bitten in Nice. This got me thinking and I have decided that I need to be more prepared for when I go away, especially to a foreign country. I have searched the net and here's 3 tips to make sure you have the best holiday with no dramas!

1. Avoid getting ate alive by pesky mosquitoes!

I am heading away the very last week in August and last week I started taking vitamin B1 tablets to help repel mosquitoes. Once the vitamin gets built up in your system, your skin gives off a 'smell' that keeps mosquitoes at bay. I have done a bit of research online and of course like everything else, it works for some people and not for others. I am a mosquito's best friend on holidays so I am willing to try anything! Vitamin B1 was recommended to me by a pharmacist so if you are heading away in the next month or two this is worth looking into!

Citronella repels mosquitoes so if you are sitting out on the balcony at night burn a citron candle, turn off the lights in your room and make sure you close over the balcony door so the mosquitoes don't find their way into your room.

Of course there are the many types of roll on and sprays to prevent mosquito bites. As I said before, not everything works for everyone so it is recommended that you take with you a mix of products for all members of the family. Wait until Boots has an offer on and stock up. They will usually have vouchers or 3 for 2 offers on repellant at this time of the year!

2. Cool your sunburn

We should all be using a suncream that's suitable for our skin type but if you do get sunburnt on holidays then you should apply an aloe vera gel. You will feel a cooling sensation on your skin and it should reduce redness (and stinginess) within a few uses! I have accepted the fact that I have pale skin and I no longer sit in the sun without any suncream. It's a waste of time as I don't tan anyway! I have to use factor 30 but I don't mind, I just use the stuff out of the bottle!

If you have went away without your aloe vera gel and you happen to get badly sunburnt then get your butt down to the Eurospar and buy cucumber. Grate it and apply it to the sunburnt area. It will cool it and aid healing. You could also soak cold milk on a flannel and lay it onto your skin. Although i'm not entirely sure about this one, You won't smell very nice afterwards!

3. Take the sting out of nettles

We all know this, a dock leaf is one of the best remedies for a nettle sting. The good thing is that these leaves are usually found near nettles so you can rub it on straight away! When you get back to the hotel room put aloe vera gel on the sore area.

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  1. I will definitely have to try these hacks! Have fun in Italy! ♥

    Kelly || Amourtera

  2. Ive been bitten by nats twice today already :( so I'll definitely be taking your advice!

  3. Hey Emma!

    Hope you have a lovely time on holiday! I've always wanted to visit the lakes in Italy... only ever been to Rome which was beautiful though!

    Those are great tips - the mozzies can get sooooo annoying, and dangerous too!

    Helpful for here in England too with the weather we're having!!

    Love Shani xo

    Co-founder at Style Honey

  4. Hope you have an amazing time on holiday! I loved reading these tips, I agree with all of them, especially cooling down your sunburn! Aloe is perfect for that!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  5. It's not a bit nice! Hopefully these vitamin B1 tablets will work x

  6. Thank you! I have never been to Italy before so this will be a first for me

  7. Thank you Alice :) I use after-sun too but I find pure aloe vera far better x


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