Primark False Nails

The £1 Manicure!

Hey everyone! This is just a short update today as I am in a rush to get ready for work (yippee) I just had to show you this cute mani! Have any of you ever tried Primark's false nails? For only £1 I stock up by buying 5 packs at a time! They come in so many different colours and designs and each time I go into my local primark store there are new ones which I just have to try. To be honest with you I was wary about these at first as I have purchased cheap false nails before and when I put them on they just snapped right off, they were so bendy! For a while then I started buying Elegant Touch false nails. I love this brand and their nails and really good quality but I use a set a week and they were costing more than if I had of got them done professionally at a beauty salon. To my surprise, Primark's false nails are extremely hard wearing, they don't chip and they stay on for about a week. In saying that, I don't use the glue that comes in the pack. I use 'The Edge' professional nail glue which I use to put on all my false nails no matter what brand I buy. I will link this glue at the end of the post. It's great and I highly recommend it if you want your falsies to last! 

Here they are! how cute are these? I had people ask me who done my nailart. of course I played along and said I done it myself... jokes. 

Primark False Nails - £1 manicure

Click this link to get your hands on the best professional nail glue: The Edge nail glue

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  1. I love Primark nails, but their glue isn't up to much so I might have to try it using the edge glue and see how that works for me.

    S xo.

  2. I agree, I never use the glue I get in any of the false nail boxes! I always use a professional glue, they last much longer x

  3. These false nails are so adorable! Can't believe you only got them for £1 at Primark! I really need to pop down and get a set x

    Olivia xx

  4. They are perfect Olivia! I buy so many packets at a time!


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