Maximise Suitcase Space!

how to maximise suitcase space

I'm only getting round to writing this post now at the end of 'summer' but its only because I am heading away to Italy on the 27th of this month! My holidays are always a little late on in the year but I'm hoping that these little tips of mine will help you pack your suitcase in the most efficient way if you are heading away, or if you have already been, definitely remember these tips for next year! 

We have all had that panic moment when you have you have everyone plus the dog sitting on top of the case while you frantically try and force that zip shut. (This happened me in New York and it was NOT good, talk about stress.) Or are you one of those people who needs to take 7 different pairs of shoes to match your 7 different outfits for the week? You just MIGHT wear those hard as heck sandals on your last night eh? throw them in anyway! This holiday malarky is all fun and games until you actually try and pack for it, and with the added stress of size and weight restrictions we really need to think how we can maximise the space we have so we can take what we need (want) and have some space to spare for those holidays purchases! 

1. Roll, don't fold

I haven't actually tried this technique but I have heared from a few people if you roll your clothes instead of folding them you can save a whole lotta' space in your case! Not only that, it apparently stops your clothes from getting wrinkled too. I'd be willing to try anything that stops my clothes from looking like hey are being worn by someone who doesn't know what an iron is! Try it out, if you can squeeze in another pair of wedges by doing it then it'll all be worth it, right?

2. Take travel sized toiletries 

The last thing you want to do when you go away on holiday is take brand new, full sized bottles of everything! Recently I have started talking half bottles of shampoo and shower gel, these have just the right amount in them to do me for a week. If you go on holiday longer than that then don't forget that most hotels have mini shampoos and shower gels in the bathrooms and there will be a local shop where you can purchase more if you need it. You won't be stuck, the last thing you want to do is take too much. This is where the most of your suitcase weight comes from! However, a point to remember is that it isn't just weight you have to think about it, consider the SIZE of the bottles/cans you are taking. These new compressed deodorants are a great invention! They are half the size of a full can so it saves a lot of space. Not only that, now that they have been released a while, they are no longer expensive. I got my Vaseline one from Asda for £1!

3. Take clothes that you can mix n' match

I used to lay out my 7 different outfits on my bed, each with matching jewellery pieces, shoes and bags. Last year I saw some sense as I didn't wear the half of it! Take things on holiday that you can mix n' match. I now aim to take things that I can wear at least twice. What is the point in buying that gorgeous dress or jumpsuit if you are only going to wear it once? I have packed 2 jumpsuits and 3 dresses, that will be my evening wear for the week! I have a beautiful kaftan that I wear as a kaftan and as a top, simple tee's go with everything . Be creative!

4. Wear your bulky items going

No matter where I'm going on holidays I always like to take some sort of jacket. I guess I'm just too used to our UK weather and I always expect a bit of rain! Usually this is a denim jacket as they go so well over pretty summer dresses and maxis. I also always take a straw hat  which I end up carrying as it would take up too much space if I were to pack it. Also, I usually take about 3 pairs of sandals and one pair of wedges. As wedges are bulky I will wear them going. This frees up a lot of space in my suitcase for other things. 

5. loose the shoes (ouch!)

I might just be about to say something that is regarded as a fashion crime, but you do NOT need a pair of shoes for every outfit! Dig out your comfiest pair of sandals and take them, you do not need a different pair for every single outfit! (should I be hiding behind something right about now?) This year I am taking my 2 pairs of Lunar sandals (like walking on clouds!), a pair of flip flops for the pool/beach, a pair of TOMS and a my Tommy Hilfiger wedges to wear some evenings. Shoes are so bulky and it can be difficult to fit them into your suitcase efficiently. Some people put their shoes in their hand luggage which is a great idea if you are struggling to find the space in your main case! Another tip is to put your rolled up underwear or toiletries inside your shoes. I do this and it saves so much space. 

6. Make a list and stick to it

Ok i'll admit, I am so guilty of not sticking to my list! I always throw some things in last minute and I never ever use them. Make a practical list of what you need and stick to it! The less things you take, the less you need to worry about not having space for them holiday purchases, right? ;) there are so many holiday packing lists on the internet that you can look up and tick off as you pack. I will link a few of my favourites at the end of this post! Another tip is make sure you research what is included in your bedroom, do you need to take a hairdryer or that travel kettle? If your room already has things like this then you can leave them at home!

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  1. Great post. :)
    Love it.


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  2. Love the photo. Good suggestions. I hate packing! This will help! :o)


  3. Have a great holiday! I am on holiday now and just having a look through some blogs while I wait for everyone to wake up! Some great tips you have posted thank you xx

  4. Thank you dearie, I am the world's worst at packing, it helped to be a little more prepared! haha x

  5. Great post! I'm actually sitting in the airport now wishing I would've read these tips before flying to Florida! The mix and match and shoes especially. I brought so many shoes and only wore 2 pairs, so silly! Thank you for the advice!
    -Shi Life On The Run

  6. Thank you Shi. I was on holiday last week and I only wore two pairs of shoes and i took 6 pairs with me! I am the worlds worst at packing haha x


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