22 on the 22nd August!

Cue obvious Taylor Swift sing song "I'm feeling 22, ooh, ooooohh....." 

Anyways, today on the 22nd of August I turn 22 and to be honest I am feeling pretty good about it! For a while there I was stuck being a negative Annie saying things like 'it's all downhill from here', 'too old for this, too old for that' but when I sit back and think about it (which I never do) I still have all the good things in life to come. In a month I go into my final year at university (and may I just add, the past 3 years have FLEW in) It'll be hard work for a year until I graduate and who knows what will happen after that. Needless to say I am feeling pretty positive about the future and can't wait to see what's to come. Yay for positivity! 

I had the best BIG 21st birthday last year, a group of us went paint balling and I was just like a kid in play park. Definitely a kids game for adults! Apart from being left with a black finger and 3 bruises on my leg I had a great day! After that I had a night out with my friends followed by a family night out with relatives I only see once in a blue moon. Great food and great company followed by a great Louis Vuitton handbag-shaped cake, a real Louis Vuitton handbag, 21 presents from my bestie and then jetting off to the south of France for a weeks' holiday, bliss.
This is what memories are made of eh? This year will be more relaxed than last year, a full weekend of celebrations is not on the cards but more a friendly get together, a meal and some cocktails. I'm definitely looking forward to it, it's the simple things.

My bestie arranged my 21st party and I arranged hers 5 months later. It's just more fun surprising someone else! We both got each other 21 presents and arranged a day out to remember. Of course I was in my element as I LOVE arranging and organising things, I've already told my bestie that i'll be one Maid of Honour that'll be hard to work with! ;) So as past few days on the lead up to my 22nd I've been doing some reminiscing. I have a few ideas of party ideas if you are arranging someone else's birthday (or your own!) to make the day a little bit different and one that you'll remember for a very long time!

1. You don't always need to go out to have a great birthday! If you are tired of doing the same thing or if you are on a budget then you can have a few friends over to the house, order some pizzas and make your own cocktails or mocktails. Ask a mobile nail technician to come to the house to do all the girl's nails and have a movie night!

2. Have a unique THEME! We all remember saying 'I wanna be a ...... when I grow up!' Throw a party where your friends have to dress up and come as their 'I wanna be a ...' memory! You'll probably have some laughs at each other's chosen outfits and realising how different you all are now!

Other Themes!
- Black tie party
- Superheros
- 90s theme (or the era in which you were born)
- Meme party
- Around the world
- 'I should be somewhere else'
- Ugly sweaters
- Pool party

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3

3. Did someone say road trip? Get a car load of friends together + a tent, just drive and see where you end up! My bestie would laugh if she read this because I am the last person who would want to go camping out of our group of friends. In saying that I'd love a night at the beach with my hoody on, sitting around a campfire with a BBQ and good company. Actually it doesn't even need to be someones birthday to have a weekend like this, just do it!


4. If you like heading away you could plan a holiday, there are some great deals to be found in newspapers and on the internet. Try looking on www.lastminute.com  to find some good offers and www.trivago.com to compare prices. You can spread the cost depending on how many people are going. You can choose to head away to the sun, go on a cruise or head to a city for a weekend of sightseeing. There are are any amount of things you could do! If funds aren't the greatest then get on the train and head to your nearest capital. be spontaneous. Check out this selection of the world's best travel apps to give you a helping hand. There's a few i'll be checking out for sure!

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  1. Happy Birthday Emma! Glad you had a great 22nd! ♥

    Kelly || Amourtera

  2. Happy Birthday! I like simple get together's more than parties, that's what i'll be doing for my 22ndy birthday this year :)


  3. Thank you Jessica! Yes, I agree :) x

  4. I love the Paris things.



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