What's In My Holiday Handbag?

what to pack for holiday

So by the time you read this I will be in the beautiful Lake Garda in Italy (thank goodness for scheduled posts eh?) This post is all about what I take in my holiday handbag! I am without a doubt the world's worst at packing, I always think that i'll be 'sensible' and only take things that I need. By the end of it all I end up cramming EVERYTHING in but the kitchen sink. So. Help. Me.
I always take two handbags on holidays, one roomy one for travelling and an across-body bag to use while I'm there. My handbag of choice is nearly always my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. It's the smallest of the Speedy's but it amazes me just how much (junk?) it can hold. From my travel money, to my gadgets, to magazines to keep me occupied on the plane. This little number holds it all!

1. Phone - Now even though I won't actually use the phone as a phone while I am on holiday (I learned my lesson with a £250 phone bill from NYC!) I will certainly use it to take photos and Instagramming. I have my fingers crossed there is free WIFI in the hotel...

2. IPod - I haven't updated the songs on this since 2K8 (cringe) but I have downloaded and put some Youtube videos on it to watch whilst I am on the plane. By videos I mean vlogs, tutorials, all that girlie stuff! I'm like a child that needs entertaining

3. Magazine - Because would I ever go somewhere WITHOUT Company magazine? Nopeeee!

4. Wipes/Hand Sanitiser - I am the biggest germ freak ever. If I haven't washed my hands inside the space of an hour I will have one of these two things out to 'freshen myself up a bit' I don't know why, but travelling always makes me feel kinda dirty? Maybe because of busy airports, buses and planes!

5. Lip Balm - Because flying at 30-something thousand feet (eek) makes my skin and lips so DRY! My ultimate favourite lip balm is Carmex, I just love the texture and smell of it. This will work wonders by keeping my lips moisturised.

6. Sunglasses - For getting off on the other side, because sure as heck I won't need them here!

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