Pink Stripe Bikini from Primark Review

Retro, high-waisted and pretty bows. The perfect Primark bikini

Primark Retro Pink Stripe Bikini

Does anyone else hate it when you are looking for a particular thing and it is nowhere to be found in the shops but as soon as you settle for something or don't need it anymore then every shop you go into has one! That happens me every year without FAIL when it comes to buying swimwear for my holidays. This year I hit lucky though, I walked into my local Primark not expecting to find anything but they had just put out their new delivery of swimwear and I fell in love with this retro-style bikini!

Primark Retro Pink Stripe Bikini

There are 3 things I LOVE about this set:

1. The Colour
Sorry about the differences in colour in these photos, the sun was in and out as I was taking them! The true colour is a pinky/coral and white stripe. Everyone knows that coral makes you look more tanned so I always try and look for swimwear that is on to this shade. Nobody's wants to resemble a milk bottle laying on the beach! haha

2. The high-waisted bottoms
Body confidence is something that the majority of us struggle with, 9 times out of 10 us girls have 'problems' with our stomach and/or thighs. I don't do dieting and there's no way I'd change how I look just for a week's holiday in the year, so these babies are the answer! The vertical stripes are very slimming and the high-leg style creates the illusion of longer legs. 2 benefits for the price of £6. I really can't be bad to that.

3. The quality
There is a reason why the public were actually pulling these out of the sales assistant's hands. She got them on the rail for all of 5 minutes and both the top and bottoms had sold out! The fabric is nice and thick (no one likes see through bikinis!) and I love the extra detail like the frills and cute little bows.

Primark Retro Pink Stripe Bikini

Top: £5
Bottoms: £6
Both Primark

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  1. I love this! I'm after a high-waisted bikini so I'm defo gonna check out Primark. :) Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty

  2. This one is VERYY high waisted but I love it! x

  3. Aisling McGarrigle19 September 2014 at 10:42

    This is gorgeous! I really hate my stomach so I'm always looking for high waisted bikinis before hols, this one would be perfect ! xxx

    Aisling |

  4. Me too Aisling! I'm not brave enough to go out in a 'normal' bikini so i was in luck when I spotted this in Primark! xox


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