Psycho Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween psycho doll makeup tutorial

Halloween psycho  doll makeup tutorial

Firstly I apologise for the really bad quality of these photographs, these are from last year when I had my iPhone 4S which didn't have the best camera in the world! Secondly, I can remember that I had sooo much FUN creating this 'Broken Doll / Psycho Doll' look! I love putting my own Halloween outfits together, it's much more fun that buying an outfit from a shop! Not only that, I created this look from makeup that I already had and I just wore an old black velvet dress so it didn't cost me a penny.

What I used:

White face paint
Black liquid eyeliner
A dark eyeshadow palette
White eyeliner pencil
Red lipstick
Black mascara
Dry shampoo

1) To start I used a makeup sponge to apply white face paint to the whole of my face and down my neck. I'm surprised I needed anything to make me look whiter as I'm already the colour of a ghost! haha. This creates a good base and makes everything else stand out

2) I then used a liquid black eyeliner to create the 'cracks' These are just like deformed triangles with a few rugged edges! there's no right or wrong way to do this, just draw them on wherever you want. Totally fill in the space with the black eye liner. Apply the eyeliner down the sides of the mouth and below your bottom lash line to create bigger looking, 'doll eyes'

3) I then got my eyeshadow palette and picked out a dark grey, I used my eyeshadow brush to apply this in and around the cracks to add depth. I also applied the grey eyeshadow up my cheekbones for an exaggerated look. I used a black eyeshadow to go round the cracks to give a 3D effect, this really makes them stand out!

4) There is a space between the lower lash line and the liquid eyeliner which I filled in with a white eyeliner pencil. This opens up your eyes to give the effect of doll eyes. The bigger you can get those eyes to look, the better!

5) You can't see from the photo but I created a simple ombre lip with a red lipstick and the white eyeliner pencil. I applied the red lipstick all over my lips and put a bit of the white pencil in the centre of my upper and lower lip, blended well this gives a great effect

6) I wanted my hair up to really show off the makeup so I backcombed it and tied it up with a silk black ribbon. I used Batiste dry shampoo to create the white marks on my hair. I held it really close to my hair, sprayed it and didn't brush it out. It made my hair so hard! At least it stayed in place all night...

And there you have it! All you need to re-create the Psycho Doll look this Halloween! What I love about this makeup look is that there are so many ways you can alter it, just check Pinterest for more ideas! What will you be dressing up as this Halloween?

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