Top 5 Products for Autumn

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Top Products for Autumn

Hi readers of The Fashion Six! I'm Chloe and today I'm just going to show you my top 5 products for the colder months!

Top Products for Autumn

When it starts to get colder, I really up my game with moisturising. I start with bodycare and one of my favourite body butters to use when its cold is Vineyard Peach by The Body Shop. The Body Shop's body butters are ever-so-famous in the blogging world but for good reason! They smell insane, are really thick & moisturising but yet it doesn't hang around on the skin for too long & sinks in really quick. If you don't like fruity scents then don't be put off, because they also do nutty scents as well as some rose scents. 

Just for a bit of background information, I have sensitive, oily/ combination skin which somehow manages to go to both extremes! When the weather suddenly changes temperatures (whether its hot to cold, or cold to hot) my skin usually gets very dehydrated. When this happened in the Summer, I literally couldn't wear any makeup as it was just so dry & gross so I picked up Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask which was the best decision ever! This is literally a skin saviour for those with dry skin! Since then, whenever I have felt my skin getting a tad dehydrated or dry, I put this on at night and by the morning its sorted! I would recommend this to anybody, from people who have a few dry patches all the way to the people who have the most dehydrated skin. 

Carrying on with skincare, another one of my must-haves is the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner (this post is not sponsored by Clarins haha, I just really love their skincare!). Usually when it gets cold, my skin tends to look really dull and life-less but this product really helps to prevent that. Like I've already said, I have sensitive skin and this has never had a bad effect on my skin. I think this is a really lovely way of exfoliating without irratating your skin. 

Moving on to makeup... The product in the photo is a MAC Rebel however this is representing all dark, berry, purple-y coloured lipsticks. I think this shade of lipstick is a must for everybody at this time of year and I think everyone can find one that suits them. I have a post on my blog here which shows my Autumn Lip Picks but I think Rebel would be my favourite as it is just soo long lasting. Wearing such a dark shade, I would usually be so paranoid when wearing this but this lipstick literally just doesn't go anywhere. 

Finally, it wouldn't be Autumn without the deep, berry red nail polishes. The one I have shown is in the shade Naughty by Orly but again, this is representing all nail polishes of that shade. I find them surprising really flattering even though they are so dark & it goes with the majority of outfits which just makes everything so much easier. 

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  1. The Hydra Quench mask sounds like something my dehydrated skin needs right about now. That MAC shade is gorgeous I have been lusting after it for a while now x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

  2. MAC Rebel is gorgeous! Love a berry lip :)

    cat // je suis cat


  3. Rebel is such a gorgeous shade.

  4. So am I Katy! It's not autumn until you get the berry lip shades out <3

  5. It's beautiful isn't it Alina? I'm in desperate need for a trip to my local MAC store for a haul

  6. Thank you for your comment Cat :)

  7. I also love Clarins skincare and one of my favourite things from them is the Gentle Exfoliator. Been wearing it every night and it makes my skin glowy and less spotty too. I guess the acids in it help with acne too. It's amazing! x

    Speaking Beauty UK | Nars, Urban Decay, YSL GIVEAWAY

  8. charlotte samantha7 November 2014 at 08:44

    Mac Rebel is my fav lip product for autumn atm! Its soso perfect

    Charlotte //


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