The Christmas Tag!

1. what is your favourite Christmas movie/s?
I don't have a particular favourite as such but I love getting a TV guide and sitting down to watch lot of Christmassy films until the New Year! When I was younger I got my TV book and a highlighter along with my blank video tape and wrote down what I wanted to record. Better than buying the films from the shops eh? haha

2. do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Always always always first thing Christmas morning! When I was little I was allowed to open one on Christmas Eve and keep the rest for the next morning. I also know a few people who don't open theirs until after the dinner is over (I sooo couldn't wait that long! haha)

3. do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I do and I think it's the same for EVERYONE! I miss the naivety of Santa coming and leaving out carrots for his reindeer! I remember one year I got a letter form Santa and it was just like I had won a million. Oh I miss those days, grown up Christmas just isn't the same!

4. favourite festive food?
Hmmm, that's a hard one because I'm a real foodie and eat everything that's going at Christmas! I wish I liked Christmas pudding and mince pies as they are things that you only really eat once a year. Hmm, I'll have to be boring and say yorkshire puddings and gravy. not really Christmassy, too much of a fatty to care!

5. favourite Christmas gift?
This is a hard one because my parents always spoilt me a little too much as Christmas. One year I got a tonne of River Island vouchers from relatives so I put them all together and one mega haul at the Boxing day sale! Boy, that was a GOOD day.

6. favourite Christmas scent?
Cinnamon & mulled wine

7. do you have any Christmas eve traditions?
Not really as for years I worked in retail and always had to work Christmas Eve! (sad face) This year though I'd like to go into town, do a bit of shopping and go to a coffee shops. Although i always worked Christmas Eve I didn't really mind it. People were in such good spirits and it always felt so festive and exciting

8. what tops your tree?
A gold star :)

9. as a kid what was the one (crazily, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
HAHA GOODNESS. I remember sitting down with my mammy on Christmas Eve and writing my list at 7pm before Santa came (what a waste of time that was!) One year in particular I asked for a snooker table, but not just your regular 'ole snooker table from Toys r us NO! A proper competition sized snooker table that O'Sullivan uses on the TV...AND one of those jelly aliens that you got in the egg shaped thingy. Everyone needed to adopt one of those as they were in fact real living creatures that needed cared for. Bet you didn't know that?!

10. what's the best part about Christmas for you?
Family. Food. Boxing day Sales - in that order haha

I tag EVERYONE who has read this to copy and paste it onto your blog, I had a lot of fun doing it and I'm feeling all Christmassy now awkk! Let me know what your answers would be

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  1. I love reading the Christmas tag and I love your answers :) I hope you have a lovely Christmas! xx

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