4 things for 2015: Spreading positivity

Hey everyone! This is not only my first post of 2015 but today is my little baby blog's first BIRTHDAY! A year goes past so quick its scary, you'd think a year on I'd have my blogging act together but nope! Still learning, still trying to work out that darn Google Analytics! haha.

Now I'm not one for new years resolutions, especially the 'get fit' classic, so instead of setting myself unrealistic goals for 2015 I have decided to write a little post to promote some positivity at this dreary time of year. Some may have financial worries, others are preparing for January exams. Whatever way you look at it, January and February aren't very nice months! 

1. Don't stress over things you can't change

I really should take my own advice... Here's an example, I have spent the last few weeks panicking over my final year exams the second week of this month. I have felt guilty for not doing revision when I feel like I should be doing it and sometimes it feels like university is the be all and end all. I even felt guilty for taking Christmas Day and Boxing Day off! I believe that if something is for you it won't go by you so there is literally no point in worrying. Yes I will try my best but I won't beat myself up If I don't get the results I'm hoping for. Sometimes putting too much pressure on yourself can actually make matters worse. If I am too stressed I can't even settle to revise! 

To me, Christmas is family time and surrounding yourself with the people you love is the only therapy you need. I won't sacrifice these moments to stress about revision. If you have exams this month, just relax, make out a realistic revision plan and set realistic goals, this is key. Also, try and get your hands on past papers instead of trying to revise all the content of your textbook, I find this is far more beneficial and it helps with your exam technique too.

Enjoy this moment and don't stress too much over the future, a lot can happen in a short period of time and if things don't turn out like you had hoped, it isn't the end of the world, something better will come along.

2. Surround yourself in positivity

You know how it is, your mood can change depending who you chose to be around. If you don't feel good, make plans to see friends even if its just for a chat. Simply taking can be enough to turn your mood right around. I also love having things to look forward to, especially at this time of year. I tend to go on holidays around the last week in August but I book it in January or February, it's cheaper to book now but it also keeps me going during these dreary months! If you aren't one for travelling far then get a few friends together and go to your nearest city for a few nights. Some Premier Inns have deals for just £29 a night. You can't be bad to that and getting away for one night can be enough to clear your head. Plan lots of outings with your closest friends, you don't need to spend a fortune, even just going on a forest walk or bike ride along the coast can help your mood and those things are free.

3. Do things YOUR way!

Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT selfish to think of yourself once in a while. Sometimes we can get too caught up in trying to please other people we forget about our own happiness. If you don't feel like going out tonight then don't go, give yourself a break. I'm not saying drop plans last minute but why would you head out if you aren't feeling the best? You won't feel any better for it, your friends should understand that. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with doing things another time. Sometimes I just feel like I want my own company, I can keep myself occupied the very best. 

Also, I have heard of too many people lately who are miserable in their job. I have been there and I know how nasty it can be feeling that dreading thing in your stomach when your alarm goes off at 7am! One day I couldn't take it anymore and I handed in my notice, I haven't regretted it and I am in a job now which I actually like. In saying that, I only work part-time while I am at university and the majority of people just can't give up a job. You could think about applying for other jobs if you are really unhappy where you are at. Life is really too short and if you are not in, you can't win! Check newspapers and the internet but I have learned if you just have the guts to ask you might be just what they are looking for. I asked for a job in Next and I wasn't even invited for interview, I was told I was starting the following week! Go on, try your chances.

4. Live for the moment

Goodness, this has to be one we are all guilty for! I feel like I am forever looking forward to other things and that is ok, but what about right now? I used to be really bad, literally used to wish my life away. I couldn't wait for school to end but now I have 12 weeks left of university and I'd do anything to go back to school! Those 4 years have went past in a flash. Stop waiting to finish school, stop wanting to get out of uni, stop looking for love, stop worrying about where you will be in 5 years. None of that matters now, I have tried to change my attitude as I don't want to look back on my life when I'm 30 and think 'I've wasted it!' How horrible would that be? Make a 2015 bucket list with your besties and stick to it, take photos everywhere you go and make a photo collage. I'm all sentimental like that!

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