Expensive Wishlist - If Money were no Object...

Louboutin Bianca and YSL black handbag
Celine handbag
Chanel no5 and Prada Infusion D'Iris
Burberry check scarf

1. Louboutin black patent Bianca (Not Available)
2. YSL Cabas leather handbag - £1,770
3. Ted Baker Palm Floral Top - £99
4. Chanel Acetate Sunglasses - £360
5. Tiffany Soleste Pink Sapphire Ring - £5,950
6. Celine Mirco Luggage Handbag - £1,400
7. Chanel No5 Eau de Parfum - £95.50
8. Prada Infusion D'iris Parfum - £79.50
9. Louis Vuitton Chain Louise Handbag - £1,580
10. Burberry Check Scarf - £315

We are allowed to dream every once in a while right? If I was to magically win the lotto tomorrow (even though I have never done the lotto in my life) or get a huge pay rise (no chance) then i'd hop onto the 'net and purchase these little beauties! The Louboutin Biancas and the YSL black handbag are classics don't you think? I'm going to make myself feel better and say that IF these were ever going to make their way to wardrobe at least they'd be an investment right? A designer bag is for life, not just for Christmas... haha.

The gorgeous Ted Baker shirt is a little more affordable. I saw it in boutique in town last week and I fell in love with it. I am a collar person and I really like the gold detail on this! I could always wait until it goes down in sale, TB usually have some good reductions.

Something a little less affordable is this BEAUT Celine handbag! I mean, I actually can't stop staring at it, why does it have to have a four figure price tag? *sad face* Let's move on before I get too emosh...

PERFUME! I have had both of these beautiful scent before and I love each equally. Chanel no5 is a very heavy scent but it is so distinctive and it lasts ages. The bottle is stunning too, that would look beautiful sitting on my little beauty cabinet again... I purchased Prada Infusion D'Irish when I was in NYC and it is lovely too. I can't really explain the scent, I remember thinking it smells like soap but that doesn't really do it justice does it? haha. Really though, next time you are in town pop into your local Perfume Shop and have a sniff, mmm...

Which of these do you like? Or do you have anything else that you would add to the list?

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  1. I will definitely own a Chanel No 5 perfume at some point in my life x


  2. It's gorgeous isn't it? So iconic xx

  3. OMG Number 2 and 6! I love my bags!


  4. Those bags, literally all of them are perfect.

    Now following x

    Fashion forever - Dull never

  5. Gorgeous edit. I was very (very) naughty and gave in to Celine as a major I've-stopped-smoking treat to myself. I think i've used up my whole lifetime of self-presents in one go. I somehow have convinced myself its essentially an investment. That ring is also absolutley gorgeous <3<3

    Sarah-Jane xo // http://www.vmgirl.me/

  6. I know Beckie, I am just making myself super depressed... haha

    Thanks for the follow! xx

  7. Of COURSE its a good investment Sarah-Jane! That is what I would tell myself anyway.. haha. A Celine is the dream, just love them xx

  8. The YSL bag is stunning!!! I would also love to get myself one of those Burberry scarves. Ahhh if money was not a problem... *sighs* :)

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  9. 1 and 2 are my if money was no object! I've just bought a bottle of the Chanel with money I got for christmas x
    Charlotte - http://charlottesophiaroberts.blogspot.co.uk

  10. I love posts like these, gives me something to work towards haha!

    fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  11. I know Sinead! It'll take me a LONG time I reckon haha xx

  12. If only I had the money! I adore wish lists not to mention bags I'll probably never use haha x


  13. Love your picks!

    Just found your blog, and I already fell in love with it.
    Love your style and vibe!



  14. omg, this Céline bag looks too beautiful! Great picks :)


  15. I know Rebecca! thank you for your comment xxx

  16. Thank you so much, very kind :) xx

  17. Ah I love wishlists like this!! I love the Burberry scarf and that YSL bag is literally beautiful. Now I just need to win the lottery :')

    Beth // Bethany Georgina

  18. wow I want that bag , not sure al be able to afford it though lol x

  19. That YSL bag is just gorgeous!

  20. I know! It's so expensive but such a classic <3


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