Lush Mint Tulips Lip Scrub Review

Lush mint tulips lip scrub review
Lush mint tulips lip scrub review

This is probably one you have read 100 times over but it's impossible to get bored reading LUSH reviews right? Let me enjoy this moment because this is the only Lush skincare product I have (huge sad face!) This is primarily due to the fact that there isn't a Lush in my town and the nearest one is in the city which is about 30 miles away. (cries!)

This is the second time I have purchased Mint Tulips Lip Scrub by Lush Cosmetics as I reallyyyy like it, like REALLY like it! So much so that I need to refrain from eating it! haha. This lip scrub is very coarse in texture, therefore it's very exfoliating. As winter just seems to be getting worse, I'm thinking that this little product will help prevent sore chapped lips as it gently buffs away dry skin and the minty peppermint leaves a long lasting cooling effect on the lips.

At £5.50 I think it's reasonably priced, I've read a few reviews online and a lot of people have said that it's a bit overpriced and that they could make something similar at home for less. To be honest I wouldn't even try this as I'm handless and would make a mess! It wouldn't turn out half as good as the Lush version anyway... In Lush's defence, it's a good sized pot and lasts ages. It's definitely one of those products that I carry with me in my handbag at all times!

Aside from the lip scrub, I adore their fresh face masks! I have purchased the Brazened Honey one twice as it claims to help with breakouts. As my skin would be prone to breakouts, especially around the T-zone, this is a major claim to make. I can honestly say though that my skin has never felt cleaner after using a facial product. I would use the Montagne Jeunesse face masks (as seen in my top 5 beauty buys post) whenever I haven't got the fresh one from Lush, but when you are craving a relaxing night in nothing else will do! Click on the image below to read the full review of the Brazened honey face mask.

LUSH Brazened Honey Face Mask Review

What are your favourite Lush products? I'd love to try more!

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  1. I love Lush lip scrubs! I’m not very keen on this scent though - I’m a little weird as I like the sweeter ones. I have to agree based on how long this lasts I think £5.50 is quite reasonable :) I have just picked up their Valentines Lip scrub which I can’t wait to try :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  2. I love the Mint Julips lip scrub too.. much nicer smelling/tasting than the sweeter versions. I've never tried a fresh face mask from LUSH but I'd love to give them a go. My go to products are 'Mask of Magnaminty' and tea tree toner water.. excellent for keeping blemishes at bay.
    Natasha Paris x | natashaparisblog

  3. Hi!:)

    I nominated you to do a tag.

    Let me know if you do it:)x

  4. Lush do amazing lip scrubs, my favourite is bubblegum because some of their other scents can be a bit odd. Lush do some lovely skincare products, I love their fresh face masks and tea tree toner too x

  5. Ohh I didn't even know they had a Valentines one out! bet its lovely xx

  6. I really must try the tea tree toner, I've heard and read a lot of great reviews xx

  7. I agree Natasha, my friend prefers the bubblegum one but I'd rather this any day! Its so refreshing. Thank you for your suggestions too xx

  8. Thanks for the tag love! Yes I will do it xx

  9. I really need to get my hands on the lip scrub! It'd help my lips so much in this cold weather! xx

  10. It 100% would Laurie! and if you prefer a sweeter one then the Bubblegum one is good too xx


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