My Handbag Emergency Kit!

My handbag emergency kit

Everyone has one of these kits right? I'm one of those freak-ishly organised people who puts something away in SUCH a safe place that even I forget where it is! So instead of fumbling in my bucket-sized handbag looking for all these bits and pieces I keep them all in one little zipped bag. Handy huh?

1) Hairbrush

My hair has got so long recently that whenever I go outside and walk into a gust of wind it gets all tangled and tatty in a second. I always carry this little hairbrush with me as it saves space in my handbag but I would love this Andrew Barton gel grip brush which I think would be really good for adding body to my hair whilst styling. That's something every girl wants!

2) Makeup brush

Throughout the day my makeup becomes oily on my face, particularly on my T-zone, but I am able to keep on top of the most of it by using a good non-greasy moisturiser, a high quality primer and finishing powder. I find that a quick swipe of a makeup brush quickly fixes the shiny patches with no effort at all!

3&4) Hair ties and bobby pins

In relation to point 1, sometimes the hairbrush just doesn't do it for me at all and I just need to get my hair out of the way! With two hair ties and a few bobby pins I am able to put my hair up in a quick bun. The best bobby pins I have ever purchased are the Goody ColourCollection stay put bobby pins. My hair is so soft that normal pins just slip out, these work a treat if your hair is the same!

5) Olbas inhaler

A breath of fresh hair for little over £1.50! I can't breathe through my nose as it is but this helps a bit when you are feeling a big congested. 

6&7) Party feet & plasters

I've decided to put these two together as they are both a MUST when your feet are aching from wearing the highest of heels! Skint heels and toes are so painful as I'm sure you know and it really ruins your night when your feet are really uncomfortable! The things we put ourselves through eh? 

8) Cotton buds

Sometimes my concealer would fill the lines around my eyes, nose and mouth during the day, I find that a cotton bud is perfect for blending these in. I also like to use a cotton bud to blend in my lipstick around my lip line when I don't want it to be harsh. Sometimes a blurred lip colour is far easier to wear.

9) Paracetamol

Because no one likes a headache when you have important things to be doing, such as shopping!

What do you have in your handbag emergency kit? have I missed anything?

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  1. I need to put one of these in my bag! I can think of so many times when Ive needed one of these!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  2. Kleeneze shine absorbing sheets! These things are amazing, perfect for a party of just hot weather, you should definitely try it out!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Yes Eilidh, it definitely helps! haha

  4. I have heard about these but I have never seen them in shops! If I ever come across them I will give them a try x

  5. These are great products! I need chapstick and a tide to go stick in my bag at all times!

    xo ClassToCloset

  6. Oh yes I need a lip balm too, although I tend to go for Carmex :) xxx

  7. i can never get booby pins to stay in my hair ever so i must try out the ones you have recommended. My hair get incredibly tanged and curly whenever the wind hits it

  8. this is such a smart idea!

  9. this is such a great post i love this idea ive never thought of having an emergency bag

  10. Idk why but I always love those kinds of posts :)


  11. Great post, I have so many bobby pins in my bag - I will have to give the Goody ones a try as I’ve found others tend to slip out in my hair also.

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  12. I have one of these too, A little makeup bag filled with essentials I need, gotta have that hairbrush and cotton buds! xx

  13. Such a great post. I always have bobby pins and plasters in my bag x

  14. It's very handy to have Hannah! I'm a bit of an organisational freak haha x

  15. They are definite essentials Lily! x

  16. I always feel like I've got to put something like this together for my bag as these are always the things I need and don't have! Never leave the house without my hairbrush though :) Gisforgingers xx

  17. Someone I know did it for the first and I copied her! So handy to have, means you won't be caught out without something xx


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