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New Look oversized blazer

One thing I am la la la loving is a good oversized blazer. You reallyyy need to be in the mood for wearing a fitted one as they can be so restricting and half the time I feel like ripping it clean off my back because of this. This is definitely the solution as it is so comfortable to wear and goes with most things.

One thing I needed this season was a good jacket/coat that wasn't too heavy and one that I could throw on top of anything. I went rummaging in my wardrobe before I bought anything and came across this. It is New Look's finest and it's a great colour as I nearly always wear dark navy blue jeans and the contrasting lapel matches perfectly. Another thing I like about this is the length of it. I have plenty of shorter, fitted blazers but none of this style. There's a first for everything!

New Look oversized blazer

So here comes the bombshell, remember I said earlier that I felt like ripping a fitted blazer off my back? Well, I bent down in work to pick up boxes and yes you certainly guessed it.


Why is it when you get something you love it either shrinks in the wash, you loose it or you do something outright stooopid and rip it to pieces? So obviously feel like crying in the corner now.

On the upside, I'm hoping that New Look has a new version of this for S/S '15 because I will certainly be buying it and making use of my last few months of having student discount. All is not that bad, I just like to exaggerate.

New Look oversized blazer

I must of course mention my little Louis, I purchased this in Monte Carlo three years ago as a treat to myself (never ending!) It is the Damier Azur leather Speedy 25 which is surprisingly roomy even though it is visibly smaller than the Speedy 30. I thought it would make a good evening bag as a clutch is too small to hold all my belongings, to be honest I have got a lot of wear out of it! If you are thinking of taking the plunge and purchasing your first Louis I highly recommend this, or the slightly bigger version (which isn't much more expensive) as it just never dates, loving the classics over here!

Thank you for reading, must dash!

What do you think of this River Island peplum jacket? Or possible this coral summer dress is more your thing?

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  1. Gorgeous outfit hun, the blazer looks lovely it’s just such a shame about what happened with it. I hate that when it’s something you love as I got a dress from there for my hols took it away and it had a massive tear in it but I hadn’t noticed cause I just folded it up and put it in the suitcase. You’ve made me want a Speedy 25 more now, I have the 35’s in all three patterns and now want a smaller version also as the 35’s can sometimes be a bit too big.

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  2. I know Charlee it is an absolute nightmare! I love a good LV myself and have my eye on the 35! I also have the Speedy 30 in the monogram and love it, it's a great size if you think the 25 would be a little so small! xx


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