Mid-week Mini Highstreet Wishlist

A photo of a summer highstreet wishlist

2. Grey Lace Bralet / £15

Just sitting here thinking I really must do more than just blog about things I want. How bad is that? It is just so difficult to resist though when the stuff on the high street is this good at the moment! 

A girly theme dominates the blog today with muted tones and pastels. Lace is a big thing for me this summer and so are these fluffy 70's platforms that Missguided keep spoiling us with.  I'd team the two with a pencil skirt and a pastel leather jacket for the colder evenings. I am loving the new colours that are popping up for leather jackets instead of the usual black. Check out that River Island one with faux fur collar, how gorgeous? If I owned that it would never be off my back!

The weekend bag with the Parisian vibe really got me thinking of ma hols. I just want to go NOW. I was thinking about purchasing a bag like this but as nice as it looks, it would be so impractical for hogging about from bus to bus, airport to airport in the (hopefully) 30 degree heat. I'll stick to my 5 year old grey number with wheels, one of which is wonky. Winning. 

The Fashion Six 


  1. Omg those shoes!!! And the earrings too...what a glamourous wishlist if only I wasn't on a spending ban waaaaah! xxxx


  2. I really, like REALLY want the weekend bag! x

  3. Spending bans... I hate them too but they need to be done sometimes!


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