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So I was watching This Morning the other day and this weekend was apparently the busiest for Heathrow airport EVER with holiday makers travelling everywhere from the Costa Del Sol to New York. There is no better time to write a post like this as Britain goes mad to get away! 

Top Holiday Travel Tips

I have gathered up lots of travel tips over the years as every time I head away I always find myself searching websites and blogs online to find out how to make the journey easier and less stressful. There is nothing worse than that shampoo bottle bursting all over your clothes or getting to the airport and finding out that you have forgot your phone charger, or worse, your passport!

1. Take care of your skin

Getting a healthy glow on holiday is one of the perks of travelling abroad but there is a big difference in a 'healthy' glow and red lobster. Trust me, I have been there and it is  not pretty. It actually just ruins your holiday! 

I have pale skin so I wear factor 30, the only thing that annoys me about suncream is how greasy it feels on your skin and how long it takes to soak in. Last summer I purchased the Garnier Dry Mist sun cream (2 for £11 in Boots) and it honestly saves so much time as I don't have to 'air dry' before putting on my clothes or tankini. After being outside in the heat all day your skin can begin to feel rather tight, the Garnier aloe vera after sun is so cooling and refreshing to put on all over your body after a shower. This is one that I definitely wouldn't be without, I use it a moisturiser all year round as I love the smell of it.

 Not forgetting your face, I find a light toner and moisturiser like the ones from Simple great on holiday to get rid of that 'tight' feeling. The toner brightens my skin before applying my nighttime makeup and I apply the moisturiser before bed to prevent peeling. I am a bit paranoid about bugs and insects so I would usually throw a bottle of insect repellent in there too just to be safe. Although I haven't travelled anywhere with lots of mosquitoes for a good while, thank goodness!

 Us Brits just aren't used to the sun and the humid heat so it is worth investing some time and money into finding the right holiday skincare that works for you. I repurchase this mix of products every year before I go away. 

Top Holiday Travel Tips

2. Pack effectively

Now this sounds simple but it actually takes so much practice to get your packing just right! I am always so scared of my shampoo, conditioner or moisturiser bottles bursting in my case and going all over my clothes. This is a tip that I read online only a few weeks ago, wrap cling film over the top of the bottle and even if it does leak your clothes won't get ruined. For my holiday this year I will do this and put all my bottles into a plastic bag, just to be sure!

Top Holiday Travel Tips

Rolling your clothes, not folding them, is the best way to save space in your suitcase and to pack more efficiently. Honestly just try it, you'll be surprised just how much more you can fit in, and that can only be a good thing, right? You can definitely find space for that other pair of wedges! Rolling also prevents wrinkles and creases which is also a big win as I can never ever see myself standing ironing clothes in the hotel room before going out. Just no, never. There is more chance of seeing pigs fly.

Top Holiday Travel Tips

3. Hand luggage essentials

All too often I have spent all my time packing my hold suitcase and I have totally forgotten about my hand luggage. This obviously isn't ideal as the majority of your 'important stuff' is in your hand luggage, i.e., phone, travel documents and medication. I have started to leave everything out the night before ready to organise into my bag first thing. Put your holiday money in a practical purse with a zip and tell your bank when you will be away so they authorise your credit cards for abroad. Check and double check your hold bag and remember all small liquids should be in a clear plastic bag. Most airlines also only permit one of these per passenger.

Also don't forget any of the fun stuff to keep yourself occupied on your travels. I would get bored so easily and I could have a magazine looked through in 2 minutes flat! I was in London a few weeks ago and in my handbag I had my iPad, phone, a few magazines and a travel game. That kept me occupied for the hour, I have no idea how people do these super long-haul flights to Oz and the likes! I'd love to go there but the travelling is a major put off, boo!

Top Holiday Travel Tips

4. Make a checklist & don't forget the things you usually forget!

I usually charge my phone to 100% before I leave which means I disconnect the phone and leave the house with the charger still in the wall. It's zero banter having no battery after two days let me tell you! Plasters and blister patches are a must if you are planning on doing some walking. I take this Party Feet pack with me every time I go away just in case those new wedges rub the heel off me! Carex hand sanitiser is great for carrying in your bag the whole time you are away and they are small enough to be allowed through security. You never know where you might end up and I don't fancy eating that baguette after being out all day with no soap!

There are numerous holiday checklists online that you can find with a simple Google search (or click the link), print these out or make a mental note and tick things off as you go along. Easy peasy. 

Top Holiday Travel Tips

5. Holiday-proof your makeup

When I go abroad I usually find that liquid foundation just doesn't work on my skin. It makes my face feel oily and it is just too heavy to wear in the humid heat. My favourite makeup to wear abroad is the bareMinerals READY foundation, it is a powder which is light and mattifying. This teamed with the bareMinerals Prime Time primer ensures that my makeup lasts all day!

If you would rather, a BB cream would be a great choice if you wanted something with light and dewy coverage. I only like to wear a little bit of makeup when I am away, a quick dusting of bronzer, blusher and a swipe of a mascara wand does me fine. Don't feel like you have to take your whole make up bag with you, scale it down to just a few essential products to save yourself any hassle. The less you take the better as I have opened my case many a time to find a smashed MAC blusher!

Top Holiday Travel Tips

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