#WeBlogSummer // Summer Holidays - Lake Garda, Italy

Wowza, it's week 2 of #WeBlogSummer already, so not liking how fast the weeks are going in but anyway, this week on the blog it's all about those summer holidays that us Brits crave. I'm a lover of the sun even though I don't take to it too well (think lobster) so I look forward to jumping on that plane every year to jet off somewhere nice. Last year I visited Lake Garda, Italy. Let's do some reminiscing with a few photos, promise I won't bore you with a lengthy photo-heavy post! These are just some of my favourite snaps from the week.

Lake Garda Italy

I love the little quaint shops you find along the cobbled streets on holiday. Not that I would buy much because of the pesky luggage weight limit but still very pretty to look at (and to take photos of).

Lake Garda Italy

The mountains along the river itself were so picturesque and there were any amount of little cafes to sit and enjoy the view. It really was like paradise and I took my nifty Cannon to try and take a few good photos, of course it didn't do the place justice!

Lake Garda Italy

Lake Garda Italy

Lavender... so much lavender...

Hugo Spritz and Aperol Spritz

One thing that I noticed when I was in Italy is that nearly everyone had one of these in their hand before or after their meal. The Hugo or Aperol spritz is a refreshing alcoholic drink and I was actually  addicted to them the whole time I was there! I'm not a big alcohol lover but this is very light so it made a nice change to the usual sparkling water and ice. 

Verona, Italy

Romeo and Juliet Verona Italy

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? 

Check out Juliet's balcony and the love locks. Verona was a beautiful and historic city! Perfect for a geek like me!

And after writing that I am more than ready to jet off again, this year I have booked to go to Nice, France which is by far my favourite place on EARTH. I really love travelling, I just wish I could go more often and have the guts to travel further, maybe some day!

Where are your favourite holiday destinations? Tweet me @thefashionsix I'd love to know!

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  1. I'm also doing the #weblogsummer! it's such a cool project I'm discovering so many blogs! Wow this looks like an incredible trip, I love all your photos. That one with the lavender is stunning! And wow, Juliet's balcony - tlk about iconic xx

  2. I am loving your photos I really wanted to take part in #weblogsummer I just can't fit it in :(


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