Autumn / Fall Makeup Look | Bronze Smokey Eye

How am I only getting round to writing this up now? Having major organisational issues right about now! 

This look is from my graduation back in July but I had thoughts about posting it round this time of year. It's very autumnal don't you think? I am just after watching one of Zoella's makeup tutorials and she has used very similar colours for her makeup look which has inspired to get typing. 

Autumn / Fall Makeup Look | Bronze Smokey Eye

First of all, I can't take credit for this as I actually got it done by a MUA, there's no way I could pull this one off in one attempt! It also relieved a lot of stress in the morning so I could focus on walking in my heels without falling on the stage. That's the real fear, never mind wonky eyeliner! 

I do believe that all the colours in the eyeshadow are from the MAC palettes, how gorgeous is the rusty orange shade in the inner corners? After having this done I have been very tempted to invest in one of their palettes. They are so expensive but my excuse is that they will last ages. On another note, there is always the Urban Decay Smokey palette option. Hmm, decisions...

As for the foundation, it's a good helping of Studio Fix. I am actually quite surprised about this, firstly because I actually own this foundation and I am not (I thought) a fan. So naturally when the MUA took to my face with it on the makeup brush I had a mini heart palpitation! However, whether it was the moisturiser I had used that morning, the primer she used or the way she blended into my face it turned out that I actually loved the shade AND the coverage. This was so surprising as I always thought Studio Fix had a yellow hue to it and that it was as thick as wallpaper paste. It just shows what can be done if you actually know what you're doing!

Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup Look
Imperfections and all! Who needs photoshop...
Also, I don't think I've ever had 'brows like that in my entire life! I believe the saying nowadays is 'on point'? I'm so down with the kids. 
To be honest with you, this is my brows toned down, a lot! The MUA had painted them on so fierce I didn't recognise myself! They were of course a work of art but for the occasion I had to politely ask her to kind of.. re-do them, oops! 

On to the lippy, any guesses as to what it is? It starts with V and ends in Y and I'm gonna' buy it the next time I'm at my nearest MAC counter...

VELVET TEDDY! isn't it a beaut? It stayed on all day too but I did carry around my Viva Glam as I thought I would need regular touch ups, I was wrong and pleasantly surprised at the staying power!

Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup Look

In short, this was one of those looks that you just didn't want to take the Simple wipe to! If I could have slept in it without ruining it I would have seriously considered haha! 

I learned a good few things about makeup that day though, for example, you do your eye makeup FIRST and foundation after, how to apply highlighter and the correct way to use a lip liner. I'm not adventurous when it comes to makeup at all, I wear the same look most days and I could possibly do it with my eyes shut now. Sitting to get this done and watching everyone else get theirs done let me see what colours complimented each other so I might be more adventurous in the future. I'd love to be brave and do a few more makeup looks for my blog!

Make sure and check out the make up artist's other looks my clicking here, they are all brilliant. She has done Katie Price's and Lauren Goodger's, if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me!

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