The Boho Trend / Crochet, Fringing, Paisley & Muted Tones

Now this is a trend I really want to try out myself.

I noticed that there was a lot of new bohemian style clothing on the highstreet this summer from paisley print palazzo pants to soft oversized knits, lace and cream crochet. The highstreet seems to be a mix between boho and 70's at the moment (which I am not jumping to try!) and it's all I see in the latest magazines. Here is what Pinterest has to show if you search for boho style. Just gorgeous!

A photo of the boho trend
Source: Pinterest
Pinterest makes me well-jel at the best of times as I come across people with the most perfect home decor with quirky details, funky crafts and unconventional organisation tips (ahem, Gh0stparties.) but it definitely reaches a whole new level if I search for anything fashion-related!

Now I am well aware that it is now Autumn and if I was to go out in something like this people may think that Halloween fancy dress has come a few weeks early. However, there is bound to be some pieces to be had on the highstreet at the moment that will carry you right into winter. I must get into town for a look but that's not easy when you have a full time job (feeling sorry for myself), this is why I 'shop' on Pinterest instead! It's better for my bank balance but not my head, trust me.

How beautiful is that pure white crochet dress to the far left? Not to mention the headpiece in the middle photo. I actually purchased one of these from New Look a few months ago with the good intention of wearing it on holiday. However, I couldn't actually work out how to get it on my head, good start eh? I should have watched a few Youtube tutorials beforehand I think...

What do you think of the boho look? Does it take a person with a certain style to pull it off? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me -

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