Christian Louboutin Bianca (140mm) Fit Guide & Review

Christian Louboutin Bianca fit guide and review

A bitter sweet story coming up! 

I've always loved the 140mm Louboutin Biancas in patent leather and any time I checked online or in store they never had a size 39. One of the sales assistants even said to me in one of the stores 'good luck finding those in a popular size!' I thought I had zero chance but I had wanted to get them for my graduation as a treat so I was persistent and kept looking.

I went to Dublin for a random trip and just happened to go into the Louboutin concession in Brown Thomas, not expecting them to have them in stock. To my surprise they were in stock (after being returned by a previous customer) and I was so much by myself I tried them on and not long after I handed over the money! It definitely was love at first sight.

Whirlwind background story over, now here's to the important stuff... I brought them home and unboxed them for another sneak peek. I tried them on and ouch, I mean OUCH. The front of the shoe cut right in to my toes on both feet, so much so that I could only wear them on carpet for 10 minutes and I ended up with 2 red marks, almost turning into blisters. I was gutted but I knew I couldn't keep them as there was no way I could wear them. I thought it was strange as I could usually wear heels. 

If you are into shoes, any girl would understand that it is a dream to own a pair of Louboutins but I think its important that we do our homework before buying shoes like this, especially at that price. So I thought it would be a good idea to sum up my experience for anyone who may be thinking of investing in a pair of red soles.

Christian Louboutin Bianca fit guide and review

1. Do your research

I had read so many reviews online about this style and to be honest, they were all different! The majority of them said that Bianca are true to size, even the official website recommended you get your normal shoe size. However, the 'almond' shape toe box squashed my toes so if I was to try these on again I would ask for a 6 1/2 or even a 7 to see the difference. If you struggle with narrow feet like me a heel grip at the back of the shoe would even help keep them on to just give you that extra bit of space at the front. Different styles fit differently and a good fit for one person may not be a good fit on someone else. Definitely take yourself into the store and try them on a few times, from experience if you ask they will hold them over for you for 24hrs if you need to make your mind up.

2. Consider the heel height

Now let's be honest, it takes skill to walk in a 140mm shoe! In saying that, the platform at the front helps a lot. I also tried on So Kate which was 120mm and they felt so much higher than Bianca simply because they don't have a platform. Platforms are supposed to help as your foot is in less of an 'arch' but at the same time I felt like it added a lot of weight to the front of the Biancas... 

3. Which leather?

This is a huge one, patent leather doesn't stretch much and it doesn't mould to your feet like normal leather, so even if I had of kept the Biancas there was no guarantee that if I persevered they would stretch and become somewhat bearable to wear. It's down to personal taste, I prefer patent leather with the red sole but they were agony to wear simply because there was no 'give' in them. If you're looking at Louboutins and if the style you're looking at comes in patent leather and normal leather I'd recommend you try on both to see if there is a difference comfort wise. Think about how they feel now and how they might wear, you don't want them to hurt you by cutting in places but at the same time you don't want them to stretch so much they slip off!

In summary...

It is no doubt that this is a special purchase so do your research, think long and hard about what style would suit you and take a look in your wardrobe so you pick a pair that goes with the majority of your outfits. Some people prefer the classic black with the red sole, some love the lighter nude shades and others go for an all out colour. I was lucky that the concession offered refunds as part of their returns policy as I have heard that some stores or concessions do not. If you are unsure, try on the pair you have your eye on in store and them order them online as you can be sure you can return them that way if need be. Thanks for reading!

Christian Louboutin Bianca fit guide and review



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