Louis Vuitton - Favorite MM Monogram Handbag

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM Monogram Handbag Review

Well this beauty is most definitely the biggest impulse purchase I have ever had in. my .life. I knew there was no going back as I placed my card into the chip and pin not to mention the fact that my flight home a few hours later!

Everyone deserves a treat right? I like to 'treat' myself to something when I go on holiday every year and this is the most recent purchase. When I initially saw it I didn't like it  to be honest, I thought it was an impractical 'in-between' size. Too large to be a clutch bag and too small to carry on your shoulder! I left it down and told the girl that 'I'd have a think about it' - That's what we all say when we need to make a quick exit right?

I thought about it the next day again and headed down to the store for another look (why oh why was the hotel a 5 minute walk from Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel and every other designer shop you could think of?!). I tried it on like a cross-body bag and placed my purse inside it to see how it would fit. I looked in the mirror and it was love at... second sight...

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM Monogram Handbag Review

I don't know what it was, I went from not liking it to loving it in 24 hours. Either that or the sales assistant was really good at her job! I have three Louis handbags and they are all pretty casual (except for my Speedy 30 which I think can be dressed up nicely) so the Favorite MM is nice for nights out when I don't need to take everything plus the kitchen sink with me. (There is also a smaller version called the Favorite PM). My purse and phone fits perfectly inside it, the gold chain is so eye-catching (this doubles up as a second strap if you want a shorter shoulder bag) and it sits close to your body so it isn't bulky looking.

Before I knew it I was nodding my head and I'll never see that £555 again.  You know what they say though, it's an 'investment piece', 'i'll have it for life' - Who am I kidding, the amount of false justifications I give myself for impulse purchases is ridiculous! 

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM Monogram Handbag Review
Calm face but screaming with happiness inside!
Made from the gorgeous 'LV' monogram printed leather, with looped long strap and magnetic closure - it truly is a beautiful handbag. Not going to lie, I do polish and buff the gold detailing at the front. Sad I know... I also wear it when I'm wearing head to toe black, it doesn't match at all but oh well!

Check out the official images on the Louis Vuitton website by clicking here. If you are a lover of the Damier Azur  or Damier Ebene canvas, this little bag comes in those leathers too!

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM Monogram Handbag Review

Louis Vuitton Logo
This was right at the door, the security man was staring at me like 'can you get any closer?!'
Let me know what you think my commenting below or contacting me on good old social media. Do you own any LV's? Which are your favourites?

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