The Power Styler Attachment and Brush by Daroko

The Power Styler by Daroko

Wow - it has been a while since a product review has made it's way onto the blog eh? Work + everything else has slowed blogging down a bit and my multi-tasking skills are well and truly being tested. Who thought they would have life all figured out and organised by their mid-20s? Now let's all laugh...

Anyways... I was delighted to be sent this little package on behalf of 'Daroko' last week. In it was The Power Styler hairdryer attachment and one of their newly launched Power Styler brushes! I did a little online search and found that the hairdryer attachment was highly commended in the 'Best New Hairstyling Product' award at Pure Beauty Awards 2015. That's something I liked the sound of!

The Power Styler by Daroko

Basically this attachment has been designed to replace your straighteners to give you more time when you are getting ready to go out in the morning. When I was at university and had 3 days a week free, I had enough time to blow dry my hair AND straighten it before leaving the house. However, speaking from experience, this doesn't happen when you now have a 6.45am start for work 5 days a week, so the Power Styler had a big test - would it replace my GHDs?

The Power Styler is two separate ceramic-coated plates that easily clip onto the straight-edged nozzle of your hairdryer. You then blow-dry your hair as you normally would, smoothing the hair from the root down. The hot air is concentrated and your hair is straightened and dried at the same time! If you prefer, you can also use the round brush to create bouncy curls...

Daroko also included one of their newly launched hairbrushes for me to try out. The boar bristles are gentle on the hair whilst being able to detangle and leave a shiny finish. I usually use a round brush to style my fringe but my current one is plastic. I was interested to see how this one would compare...

The Power Styler by Daroko

A few months ago I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid - as well as tiredness, I noticed that my hair had become extremely dry, brittle and tangled due to the medication I'm on. I would wash my hair and I wouldn't even be able to put a brush through it to get the tangles out. I mean, a complete frizz-ball, something my hair never was before...

The day I tested the Daroko products I washed and conditioned my hair as I usually do and I honestly was so amazed at the result. No word of a lie, not one tangle in sight. Aside from this, another thing that makes my hair worse is the sun and humidity when I go on holiday, I usually pull it up into a messy bun the full week I am away unless I pack my straighteners. With luggage restrictions and costs increasing, in the future I can leave my straighteners at home and take this handy little gadget with me instead! It doesn't take up any space in the suitcase, it costs a fraction of the price of my GHDs and it provides the same result.

No brainer?

The Power Styler by Daroko

Et Voila! Super-smooth shiny hair....

The Power Styler is available to buy from for £15 inc. postage

The Power Styler brushes are available to buy at £14(small), £15 (medium) and £16 (large). Or you can buy a pack of three if you wish for £40

The Power Styler by Daroko

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